m10 Money event

28 - 31 may 2023
scottsdale, Arizona

Details Coming Soon!

Our Speakers

Connect with Our M10 Life Masters, Councils, and Guests in person!

The Venue

We are dedicated to creating deep, lasting transformations in people’s lives so that they can experience more bliss and meaning, and experience the energy of love, light, and peace.

This space combines luxury with holistic wellness. Every inch is designed to allow you to experience your beautiful, divine life.

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Chris Gruebele

Having a true passion for serving food that is healthy, beautiful and most importantly delicious is evident in every plate Chef Chris Gruebele creates. His appreciation for fresh produce and ingredients began early, watching the extreme pride his grandfather and father took in their home garden. With over 20 years of professional experience, Chef Chris has mastered many different cuisines. He has an extensive background in local southwestern cuisine, and kosher cooking. He dedicated his culinary skills into mastering vegan cooking and opened an award-winning plant-based restaurant in Uptown Phoenix, Arizona.  A background of fine arts including painting, sculpting and graphic design, has elevated Chef Chris’ plating to look like individual pieces of edible art. 

Our Mission

• M10 Masters is about learning how to be an emotionally and financially free entrepreneur who can manage and control their business with ease and joy.

• In M10 we create a legacy with existing business owners and leaders to build meaningful organizations and become more conscious figureheads who contribute in meaningful ways to the world.

• In M10, we harness spiritual awareness to grow with ease, love, and joy.

• We have created an environment for every one of us to push past limiting beliefs and tap into infinite possibilities so that you can elevate and find meaning in all gardens of your life. Together, we focus on creating deep relationships, spiritual awareness, age-defying health, epic adventures, and contributing to the world in a meaningful way.