Conscious Individuals United to Awaken the World & Create a Legacy Together

Conscious Individuals United to Awaken the World
& Create a Legacy Together

M10 Masters Is An Exclusive Group Of Multimillionaires Committed To Growing Meaningful Business And Making An Impact In The World. 

By Rock Thomas, Rozaliya Heinen, Jeff Cohn, Kelly Resendez, Ned Mahic, Thomas Schoos, and Pamela Bhardi

Do You Want To Continue To Grow And Contribute More Even Though You Have Already Achieved 6 Figure Success?


Our Mission

M10 Masters is about creating a legacy with existing business owners and leaders to build meaningful organizations and become more conscious figureheads who contribute in meaningful ways to the world. 

In M10, we harness spiritual awareness to grow with ease, love, and joy.

We have created an environment for every one of us to push past limiting beliefs and tap into infinite possibilities so that you can elevate and find meaning in all gardens of your life. Together, we focus on creating deep relationships, spiritual awareness, age-defying health, epic adventures, and contributing to the world in a meaningful way. 

We live in a world where money is not enough to help you reach your highest potential. By gaining more money, sometimes you sacrifice time with your family, time for life, traveling, connecting with yourself — the things that allow you to truly know what it means to be a human and a creator.

In M10, we become conscious entrepreneurs who respect life, families, health, and the world. We connect with masters in every area of life so our growth is endless.

Contribution-Centered, Conscious Entrepreneurs

Many people are the best in business, but struggle with their health. Some people are the best in other gardens, like health, but struggle with their business. However you define your need for growth, M10 Life Masters is the place to elevate and reach your highest potential.

We’re the Only Organization of Millionaires with an Equal Number of Men & Women Entrepreneurs. We believe the Union of Our Wisdom is Power.

We create a space where everyone has the ability to find meaning in every area of life, even in business, to make the world a better place.

Your Program Includes:

Men & Women Fully Expressed

Bi-weekly for 90 days. A transformational series on finding your true power. This transformational program will enhance every area of your life.

Monthly M10 Masters Council Calls

Join experts in every area of life once a month for their latest insights.

Access To All The M1 Millionaire Programs

Get the best parts of the M1 Mastermind Program and all their benefits.

Quarterly LifePlan Assessment

Share your visions with the M10 Masters Members & Council for feedback so you can make them a reality.

Epic Life Changing Events

Join other members and participate in fun activities that will help you network and change your life.

Special VIP Pods

Have support and high-level accountability in every area of your life and lean on other members for help and encouragement

90 Day Leadership Program

Learn how to lead your team in the best way to grow your business.

Your Program Also Includes:

  • Facebook Access To All M1 Events and Members
  • Rise With Rock, Monday Night Live, With Specialties In Different Areas
  • Meditate With Rozaliya Live Zoom Weekly
  • 12 Month Program
  • ​Join Experts In Various Areas Of Life Once A Month For Their Latest Insights (Crypto, Real Estate, etc)

Start Your Journey Toward Discovering How to:

"We Make a Bigger Impact on the World Together."